Episode 24: Kim Dority, Alternative LIS Career Paths

Kim Dority, MLS
Kim Dority, MLS

Spring is finally in the air, as is the 24th and final episode of Beyond the Stacks: Innovative Careers in Library and Information Science podcast.

To mark the end of such a special show, we spoke with Kim Dority of Dority & Associates, who reflected on the broad field of alternative LIS careers and the possibilities it holds, as well as its future.


Kim recommended some wonderful resources, listed below:

  1. “I didn’t even know that job existed” by Kim Dority
  2. LIS Career Options LinkedIn Group
  3. Kim will connect with you on LinkedIn if you are in the LIS field!

Listen to the final episode: 

Thank you to all those who listened to and supported this project since its inception. Hosting Beyond the Stacks has been an invaluable learning opportunity for me and an experience I will never forget. Generosity and wisdom are abundant in the LIS field and I am only more eager to officially join the ranks as an MLIS professional. Looking back at the past 23 episodes, we have covered a remarkable amount of LIS territory in our mission to show just how far and wide a MLIS degree can take you. Read on for a trip down the Beyond the Stacks memory lane…

Our first two episodes debuted in October 2015 and featured a User Experience Researcher at Mozilla and a Data Librarian at the Canadian Research Knowledge Network. From there we spoke to LIS professionals who worked solely on the future of libraries to archivists at places like the Gates Archive, American Cheese Society, Archive-It, and the National Baseball Hall of Fame…..as well as librarians conducting exciting research projects at institutions like Harvard and Stanford Universities. We also spoke to librarians who work for Microsoft, Tumblr, Etsy, New Balance, Uber, and Pandora. We featured librarians working on innovative projects at Boston Public Library and the Free Library of Philadelphia.

It’s been a thrilling and informative journey to talk to all these fascinating individuals and hear about what they have done with their LIS degrees. Thank you so much to all the LIS professionals who have been willing to share their time and their stories with me and Derek over the past couple years. Thank you to Deans Eileen Abels, Lynne Howarth, and Linda Smith for your support and guidance and to IMLS for funding the grant that made this podcast possible. For the last episode of Beyond the Stacks, we chose to speak to someone with an expertise in alternative LIS careers, Kim Dority.

Kim Dority, MLS, is founder and president of Dority & Associates, an information strategy and content development company. In addition to her work with Dority & Associates, she is an adjunct faculty member for the University of Denver MLIS program, where she created and teaches a course on alternative career paths for LIS students and practitioners.

She is the author of dozens of articles and several books on library and information science career topics, including the 2016 Rethinking Information Work: A Career Guide for Librarians and Other Information Professionals, 2d ed and the 2012 LIS Career Sourcebook: Managing and Maximizing Every Step of Your Career.

Ms. Dority created and manages the LinkedIn “LIS Career Options” group, which now includes more than 13,000 members from 80 different countries. She received “the Rosie from SLA which recognizes outstanding commitment to teaching and professional development, in April 2017.

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