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Episode 10: Amanda Brennan on Internet Librarianship

Headshot of Amanda BrennanOn this month’s episode, we hear from Amanda Brennan, the Internet Librarian! Amanda is currently a Community and Content Associate at Tumblr.

Amanda Brennan specializes in researching the history of memes and other viral content throughout the web. She spent two years as the fandom and subculture expert at Know Your Meme. Currently, she is a member of the Content & Community team at Tumblr where she focuses on taxonomy building, identifying trends, and connecting communities. Her project, The Fandometrics, launched in January 2015 and continues to provide a weekly ranking of entertainment fandoms on Tumblr.

Join us as we discuss internet culture and communities, the race and class implications of viral memes and of course, My Chemical Romance.

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Length – 37:17

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See below the fold for a full transcript of the interview. Links to things discussed in the interview like memes, videos, and other websites are included throughout the transcript. Or, you can download the PDF version by clicking here.

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