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Episode 24: Kim Dority, Alternative LIS Career Paths

Kim Dority, MLS
Kim Dority, MLS

Spring is finally in the air, as is the 24th and final episode of Beyond the Stacks: Innovative Careers in Library and Information Science podcast.

To mark the end of such a special show, we spoke with Kim Dority of Dority & Associates, who reflected on the broad field of alternative LIS careers and the possibilities it holds, as well as its future.


Kim recommended some wonderful resources, listed below:

  1. “I didn’t even know that job existed” by Kim Dority
  2. LIS Career Options LinkedIn Group
  3. Kim will connect with you on LinkedIn if you are in the LIS field!

Listen to the final episode: 

Thank you to all those who listened to and supported this project since its inception. Hosting Beyond the Stacks has been an invaluable learning opportunity for me and an experience I will never forget. Generosity and wisdom are abundant in the LIS field and I am only more eager to officially join the ranks as an MLIS professional. Looking back at the past 23 episodes, we have covered a remarkable amount of LIS territory in our mission to show just how far and wide a MLIS degree can take you. Read on for a trip down the Beyond the Stacks memory lane…

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Episode 21: Taylor Kirch, Lead Librarian at Pandora Media

Taylor Kirch, Librarian at Pandora

Welcome back to Season 5 of Beyond the Stacks! For this month’s episode, I had the pleasure to interview Taylor Kirch, the Lead Librarian at Pandora Media. Tune in to learn about curating and archiving “lean-back” radio experiences, digital collection management, and metadata. We also discuss the future of LIS, particularly the probable/eventual AI takeover, which we decided might be led by Microsoft Word’s Clippy. Enjoy!

Taylor Kirch is a librarian and information scientist from the iSchool at the University of Illinois. Currently, she is the Lead Librarian at Pandora Media on the Curation team. Her role involves a wide range of library and information science skills, like taxonomy design and large-scale collection management. She began her career in the stacks of a film archive, but eventually became a content manager and database designer for the company. Before working at Pandora, she started a digital archive solutions company with her husband, developing content management systems for film and tv studios. In her downtime, she runs after her rambunctious puppy and reads the latest weird fiction and fantasy novels.

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Length – 01:05:19

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Episode 18: Brendan Thompson, Knowledge Manager at Uber Technologies

Headshot of Brendan ThompsonHappy Fall! October’s episode features Brendan Thompson, the Knowledge Manager at Uber Technologies in San Francisco, CA. Tune in to learn about what it’s like to work in the tech sector, life as a solo librarian, and knowledge management. Thank you so much for listening and your continued support of this project!

Brendan has worked as a professional librarian for the past eight years, and in libraries for close to twenty years. He started as a student worker in his undergraduate library, North Carolina State’s DH Hill Library and matriculated through the university library system. He then went on to pursue his MSLS at UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Information and Library Science. As knowledge manager at Uber, Brendan focuses on capturing institutional knowledge from around the globe by using a content management tool and old-school librarian organization.

He has written on using digital tools to connect and communicate to unique user groups in chapters of 21st Century Black Librarian in America: Issues and Challenges. He has also presented at many conferences including 2012 & 2017 SLA Annual Conferences and the Joint Conference of Librarians of color. 

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Length – 1:01:59

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Episode 10: Amanda Brennan on Internet Librarianship

Headshot of Amanda BrennanOn this month’s episode, we hear from Amanda Brennan, the Internet Librarian! Amanda is currently a Community and Content Associate at Tumblr.

Amanda Brennan specializes in researching the history of memes and other viral content throughout the web. She spent two years as the fandom and subculture expert at Know Your Meme. Currently, she is a member of the Content & Community team at Tumblr where she focuses on taxonomy building, identifying trends, and connecting communities. Her project, The Fandometrics, launched in January 2015 and continues to provide a weekly ranking of entertainment fandoms on Tumblr.

Join us as we discuss internet culture and communities, the race and class implications of viral memes and of course, My Chemical Romance.

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Length – 37:17

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See below the fold for a full transcript of the interview. Links to things discussed in the interview like memes, videos, and other websites are included throughout the transcript. Or, you can download the PDF version by clicking here.

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