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Episode 5: Alex Wade on Tech Sector Librarians

Welcome to Season 2 of Beyond the Stacks! We’re now back to our regular schedule, with a new episode on the first day of each month.

Alex WadeOn this month’s episode, we hear from Alex Wade, the director of Scholarly Communications at Microsoft Research, where he’s currently focused on Microsoft Academic, involving aspects of knowledge acquisition, knowledge representation, intentionality, dialogue systems, semantic search, and intelligent agents.

Join us as we discuss search algorithms, software development, anthropomorphic dogs, and the roles librarians are fulfilling at major technology companies.

Length – 30:42

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The first 30 seconds of this episode are a little fuzzy due to technical difficulties, but the rest of the podcast’s audio is normal.

We hope to see you again on March 1st, when we’ll be featuring a new interview with an expert in video game and software preservation.

See below the fold for a full transcript of the interview.

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