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Episode 11: Jennie Rose Halperin of Creative Commons

Heashot of Jennie Rose Halperin laughing. She is wearing a dark colored shirt and is standing up against a brick wall.On this month’s episode, we hear from Jennie Rose Halperin, the Communications Manager at Creative Commons. It is also Derek’s last episode before he graduates at the end of this semester!

Before working at Creative Commons, Jennie worked at both Mozilla and O’Reilly Media. She is a graduate of Barnard College and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s MLIS program. Join us as we discuss her wide spread of library experiences, including work at a German Animal Anatomy Theater, and the  difficult, yet very important, topic of student loans.

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Length – 58:12

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See below the fold for a full transcript of the interview. Links to things discussed in the interview like memes, videos, and other websites are included throughout the transcript. Or, you can download the PDF version by clicking here.

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